please bring back team action sack

I cant live without husky raid and ricochet those game types are so fun the swat update was much apriciated but team action sack needs to be brought back

Totally agree, we need a place to go for those custom game experiences. I don’t have enough friends on mcc to get private matcches going every day!

FINALLY someone who shares my thoughts. We need more gamers for memory and less boring old RT RT RT… Oh look, a trade kill.

H4 has Team Action Sack, does it not?

> 2533274835229788;4:
> H4 has Team Action Sack, does it not?

Yeah it does, but I think he talks about MCC;)

chants Action Sack! Action Sack! Action Sack! etc, etc.

Seriously though, a lot of fun.