please bring back some beta features!

Ok I have posted this before but with no succession so I will try one more time. Near the end of the Halo Reach Beta is wear it really shined for me with its features that i was hoping to be in the full game. Some of these features were there in the beginning of Reach. 1. UNSC Colors VS Covenant Colors in Invasion. This one was big for me, when invasion was announced it looked epic! Then when i played it it turned out it was epic! I really felt like a battle with different shades of green for the Spartans and the Purple, Maroon, and blue colors for the elites. Now with the Red VS Blue colors, it just doesn’t feel cool as it did before. 2. Invasion Slayer. Now I know it WAS in reach in the begging and still might be, but it never shows up. Now this might not be an issue to others, but I am just stating my opinion. 3. Versus Generator defense! THIS WAS THE BEST GAME TYPE IN HALO! I played so much generator defense that when I saw it was not gonna be in the final version of Reach an a versus game type, but a lame firefight “spin-off” I was really upset! I also loved overlook as a versus map rather than a firefight map. But I think they could put it back in Reach and it could play on both MP and FF maps. Also it could include use of custom colors, because in the beta it gave players randomized color schemes but they could simplify it by just using custom colors. Generator Defense could be placed in the invasion playlist do to it being a Elite VS spartan game type. This will also give players chances to play as elites more often.

I sadly did not get my copy of ODST until after the reach beta was done, so I did not experience the beta. However, a lot of this sounds pretty awesome. Overlook would make a cool CTF map and generator versus would be sweet. I’m not too concerned with the colors of teams in invasion, but I’ll give that a chance.

Ahh, the old Invasion colors…
Too bad they were changed because of the switching sides.

It would be easier and better if we could use OUR CUSTOM player colors instead. Don’t need red or blue when Spartans and Elites are so different.

Invasion Slayer is still there of course…It’s always the second vote actually…

If there was one Beta thing I’d like to see again, it was vehicles protecting us from damage, that or the whole exploding when on fire thing…

Maybe then I won’t die from one sticky grenade and knocked out of the Scorpion or Wraith.

I’d like to see a Plasma Repeater that, you know, isn’t pure trash.

I think I saw somewhere that elite AL was red in the beta and if that was the case I would love to see that brought back.

I agree with you OP, it sounds trivial but the green and purple colourings were a refreshing change, and really made the playlist feel new and distinctive,d i’s like to see them return to Invasion.

Also, Generator defence was awesome !! i read somewhere that it didn’t make the final game because of technical reasons, it had too much lag or something but it’s a real shame it wasn’t included, hopefully it’ll be brought back in Halo 4 ! :slight_smile: