Please bring back Forge Community Playlist

Awhile ago we had a playlist of community made Forge maps rotate into the options in the match composer and quickly leave.

I’m not sure if there was negative feedback around it or something, but I’d personally love to see that return. It was really fun and freshened things up a bit from the standard maps we’ve been playing on forever.

I know Custom Games Browser now exists and is a way to share forge maps, but 99% of games there are the wacky ones. Which are fun, but some standard slayer and objective on quality made Forge maps is definitely lacking.


Its been 2 years now :frowning:

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Darn it, now I’m sad.

Along with removing SWATNUMS, fixing map weighting and moving Invasion to Social - this is the most needed change to playlists.

I hope they will do a community playlist on Halo Infinite too, hopefully with old maps remakes.