Please Bring Back Crimson/Majestic DLC

Dear 343i how could you remove playlists that people paid 10$ each for. I have never played a game that prevents you from playing content that you paid for. I have many friends that just bought the DLC and they are outraged they cant play the maps. I have been a halo fan for over a generation. I’m afraid this is sinking to a new low!

I am aware that they incorporated the maps into other playlists but having just one player in your party that doesn’t have them prevents you from playing them. For example if I want to play Shatter I have to hope that everyone in the BTB match has the maps which is never! Shatter was one of my favorite halo maps and I haven’t played it once since they removed the Crimson DLC playlist.

I know that saying that i wont get halo 5 because of this isn’t going to change it. But how about saying that over 250 players in my halo club have signed a petition not to get halo 5 or the new xbox if the halo DLC playlists aren’t restored!

Please 343 come to your senses and let us play the DLC that we paid for.

Shatter? What map is that?

No seriously, I have all the DLC and I’ve never once played on Shatter. . .

My point exactly lol.

Its the only map with a Mantis in Crimson DLC

There needs to be a DLC playlist after Castle DLC expires, that will have each map pack as a completely separate playlist on Matchmaking for a limited time, and then be replaced by the next map pack.

But I’m really just hoping for an “All DLC” playlist.