Please answer before i buy.

I’m playing halo CE on the Xbox 360 but I was wondering if I get anniversary will it have any frame rate lag in campaign.

Just asking before I buy it.

I looked on YouTube but I couldn’t notice any. But asking for someone who played both CE and anniversary.

Anniversary works perfectly like the original. The campaign has no lag and neither does co-op campaign. Its when you go ONLINE for co-op campaign, that you meet severe lag and issues. But sometimes it will work perfectly on online as well, just rarely.

I’m just here to support what Yiazmat012 said.

Online co-op is the only time you’ll have any lag.

Yep. Everything is perfect until you play online co-op.

Campaign does have some performance issues; overall framerate will tend to be better than the 360’s emulation of the original game that you’re familiar with (as this will occasionally see framerate spike drops), though you will get some rather annoying stuttering in places. Furthermore, Anniversary mode seems to have a sluggish renderer compared with Classic mode, and the game resultantly may feel slightly less crisp and responsive when using the new graphics.

Overall, performance isn’t 100% silky smooth, but it’s not terrible either.

Where things really break down is in online coop. All controls are synchronous (whereas the other games allow for right analogue stick to be handled client-side), so any network latency equates to full-on input lag. And any stuttering in the host-client connection results in pauses. It’s also somewhat unstable, especially under poor networking conditions; if you play with someone a continent away, don’t be surprised if the game crashes on you once or twice.

When you play co-op with a friend from the same city or town as you (ONLINE) there shouldn’t be any lag from my experience. It also helps if your friend from the same place has the same Internet Provider. If your playing co-op on the same xbox I’ve never notice any kind of lag. But I’ve only notice lag when playing with people from different states, people with different internet providers, or from another country. I’ve also seen lag from playing with other gamers in co-op mode online with terrible connection as in there might be a storm where there at or using wireless connection which never helps.

I have NEVER had one single frame rate drop in it ever. Solo and co-op.