Please Allow Weapon Variants to pick up regular ammo

In the campaign, Special weapon varientss would be a lot more useable if we didn’t have to rely on the FOBs to replenish their ammo. I just want to roll with my Duelist Energy Sword 24/7.


they won’t because it would be extremely OP.

I think he’s referring to campaign only for this

they already have a system built into the Campaign for that, its those ammo stations. They give you an opportunity to keep a hold of variants but not forever… otherwise there would be no purpose to ever using regular weapons in general.

Adding weapon variants that are yellow, have generic names and do increased damage is lazy and disrespectful.

There already exists a plethora of variants they could have choose from.

Pistol variant, CE pistol with zoom in, incredible damage, unique design.

Rocket Launcher variant, Halo 2/Reach version. Instead of the Hydra which is pointless.

Shotgun variant, old halo design, more narrow hitbox.

Battle Rifle, DMR, as these weapons are highly similar.

Sniper Rifle, this game uses the Halo Reach anti-Vehicle armour version, they could have used a variant design from CE anniversary without that anti-armour damage but more ammo.

How? They’re not that much more powerful than their normal counterparts. It’d just make the game more fun to actually be able to use the upgraded weapons consistently.

Yes, once you unlock an upgrade in a video game, there’s typically no reason to go back to the old version. That is why it’s called an upgrade.


Marines have infinite ammo. A razorback loaded with marines with variants has more punch than the Scorpion, we’re already OP lol