Please add the Tower of Power

343, please add in this game mode from the Halo 2 days.

4 teams of 3 players (12 in total) on the map Live Fire. Put a turret at the top of the tower facing the middle lane and give everyone full health with no shields and everyone has Bulldogs.

There. Tower of Power in Halo Infinite. I’d play this all day long.

Please and thank you.


I thought id never hear that game type again, So much Nostalgia.

Unfortunately i don’t think TOP would be playable without Forge or a custom Ascension map. What made the game type good was the layout of the map mixed with the turret placement.

Live Fire doesn’t have the correct sight lines.

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Now there’s a throwback.

Tbh tho, I don’t remember tower of power being very fun if you didn’t own the tower. There was just a lot of being mowed down by the turret. And, not for nothing, ToP isn’t all that different from zombies in that regard.

Then again, I’m sure a modern reimagination of the old gametype might balance the scales. Maybe the squad outside the tower gets faster and stronger the longer they fail to take it. Or something.

We can make it ourselves once we get Forge.