Please add new maps for Halo Infinite - like them, just need more!

I will keep it simple. The maps are growing on me, But we need more. Not enough small size maps. Seems like we need 15 or more rather than just a few, Hope others agree and changes are made.


New maps have already been leaked, not much detail, but I think there were around 5 or 6 from memory.

they need to take older ones and re create them like they did in the older games

i like to see there first fix the problems in this game and after that its done for the big part then adding new game type’s and maps in the game.

that way its not to long but we will have some more maps until they make new ones

Although there are some obvious misses (Behemoth, Launch Site) I think Streets, Live Fire and Recharge are all seriously good 4 v 4 maps. A couple more of that standard would be very welcome.

Where did you see that leak? The leak
I saw said there wouldnt be a new map until season 2 in 5 months. If they had maps it seems like they’d release one before then.

New maps I totally I agree but I want to add something more for the new maps don’t force the maps to be played with all game modes make maps where 2 or maximum 4 game modes really work. I don’t want to see another Behemoth CTF/ Tactical mess which isn’t fun. Rather have a map where 2 modes work great.