Please add multi-team in the future

Multi team.

4 teams of 3
Or 6 teams of 2

Crazy King, King of the Hill, Slayer, headhunter, 3 ball oddball, and of course rocket hogs

Who wouldn’t enjoy either 6 teams of 2 on a mongoose with the rider with a rocket launcher and have to capture points. Or 4 teams of 3 on a rocket hog doing the same thing


how could they do this with the outline system

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More colors than red and blue?

The same way they do ffa?

Multi team was the best playlist hands down convo over. . .
Having a couple close friends and getting to kill more than one other team is a great game variant. . .


The outlines would make it wierd. Right now you can only choose one enemy team outline so they would have to add the option to choose second enemy team outline, third enemy team outline, etc. It would kill alot of the strategy if all enemies were the same color outline

I would prefer 6 teams of 2 like in H3.

Personally I think multi-kill should be the staple of social playlists.

It increases the players on the map (more chaos) and doubles the amount of enemies out to get you.

Straight away you’ve broken up all the strategies that sweaty teams use (spawn covering, power weapon hording, etc) in ranked. Yet at the same time you open up the box on multi-kills and streaks!

No choice to but to just get out there and fight!

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