Please add hemorrhage and relfection

To the Anniversary game type.

> To the Anniversary game type.

reflection i wouldnt mind.

hemorrhage, on the other hand, can die in a ball of flaming ****. its the worst re-imagination ive seen. in order for that map to not be completely, and totally abysmal they’d have to COMPLETELY redo every single one of the maps spawns, AND add literally TEN TIMES more cover to the middle of the map.

until this is done, i dread the thought of the next time i have to load this dumpster-tier map in any even mildly serious gametype.

oh, and its a big team battle map. it has no place in 4v4 playlists.

Impossible to add any maps to the playlist with out alienating the people who only use the CEA disk.

The only way it can truly work, if the normal maps show up for people using the reach disk and not the CEA ones.

No Forge World

> To the Anniversary game type.

They’re called the “Anniversary” playlists for a reason, it’s Anniversary maps only. It wouldn’t make sense to have default Reach maps in Anniversary playlists. If you want Hemorrhage or Reflection, play another playlist.