PLEASE Add an AFK Autokick...

This is getting silly now. Too many games I play have at least one person AFK in them.

I was just in a game of Dominion with two guys AFK on my team.

Sucks when you are trying to play against a good team with a two man handicap on top. Not even worth playing tbh.

Maybe they should just add kicking by vote

Autokick on idle is the best thing ever. One of the great thing about Battlefield.

I’m for implementing an auto-kick measure for idle players. The question is how long the idle timer should be and, when (or whether) it should count the same as quitting a game-in-progress.

Luckily they are xp banning people like crazy.

> Luckily they are xp banning people like crazy.

Stupid thing is that they could ease at least half their banning work by enabling an AFK autokick. Hell, they could make more points playing Spartan Ops on easy if they wanted the points.