Please add after burners on Falcon

343 please add that boost effect on the falcon like in Reach and possibly more variants of the falcon please!!


I agree most definitely after burgers and maybe a variant of the Falcon that uses hard light weaponry


I’d love to see a Needle Cannon Falcon like the Swords of Sanghelios Warthog in H5

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This is probably something the community would be able to add within Forge

Remember that the afterburners only kicked in after going forward for so long. It wasn’t really a boost, so much as it was a top speed.


Lol, afterburgers is a word I didn’t know i needed in my life.


Yeah I was using the voice thing on my phone it misspelled it and I didn’t know it until I just looked at it but I’m sure you knew what I meant it is funny though

I didn’t even think about that, like the h5 needle hog. But what I ment was like adding double machine guns on both sides like the OG falcon. Like someone said before we can prob do that in forge.

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Oh nice. Yeah that could be really fun

The Falcon is coming back?

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It’s been data mined for awhile now!! Will it save infinite ? Prob not but it’s good to have all the missing content this game has before the BR launched to bring back some sort of population.

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Eventually yeah. Maybe Season 4, 5.