Please add a reconnect to match option for players that DC from ranked arena

Can we please get a reconnect option for ranked arena? It’s not fair to punish an entire team if one players game crashes. Give them the option to reconnect to that same match. The only way this works is not allowing that player to queue until the match they disconnected from is over and (x) amount of failed reconnects = a cooldown from ranked arena. It’s hard to stay invested in ranked when you’re constantly faced with playing 3v4 matches and losing CSR constantly in result of it.


Sounds like a good suggestion…
Honestly though, if your quick enough, this could work for just about any match…

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YES!!! Please add a rejoin option, nobody should get banned because the game crashed


Ain’t nothing like being up 4 to 1 in CTF Ranked and disconnecting.
This needs to happen.

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