Please add a infection playlist for Anniversary/Defiant

Please add these two playlists for the following reasons.

  1. Some of the achievements would not take forever just to find the right map and then you have to earn them.

  2. Fans of infection would be able to play the new maps a lot more now on the new maps.

I would also consider doing it for Noble like making a premium infection which requires all three or just noble and defiant and then anniversary has its own. If you did that I think it would be safe to remove infection from FFA Anniversary.

So do you guys agree with me? Disagree? Thoughts,opinions,etc?

I can’t stand that infection is in FFA Ann, i am for this to get that sub optimal gametype out of anything that is remotely competitive. It’s why I currently refuse to play FFA Ann (and FFA is a gametype i prefer). To be honest, it should remain in it’s own niche playlist and maybe Action Sack.

Infection in Anniversary playlists create an inconsistent experience when the main offerings should be Slayer and Objective. Suffice to say, people who don’t want to play Infection are forced to either keep playing or quit due to how broken Infection is in it’s current state.

I mean if you were on a hot streak and putting in work, i don’t think anyone would want the momentum to swing the other way if the players decided to vote Infection. On the otherhand, implementing two more additional infection playlists is borderline redundant because it would take up space and in the case of Anniversary, it would only benefit those who only play through CE:A (those with the disks can play from the regular playlists).

Also an Infection playlist for the DLC playlists would be pointless because you already have access to regular Infection and i don’t believe any of the new maps have Infection variants.

No we keep the FFA playlist but and remove infection from it (maybe add some other FFA stuff if you want like Juggernaut for and example) and then make it have its own playlist for the map packs and its original.