Please add a 3rd person mods - Day 2

Halo was originally conceived as a 3rd person game and with all the beautiful armors in the multiplayer mode, a 3rd person would elevate the experience tenfold. Currently there are a ton of paid armors that are gorgeous but seeing as the game is first person only, there is no point in buying an armor that cannot be seen (for me).

Players would hate for someone to have an unfair advantage so please only add it as an option in forge and in it’s own separate playlists. Keep first person mode the core mode for core fans and allow your other fans, like myself who love 3rd person games, the same chance to have fun as your first person mode fans.

I know that I would gladly buy multiple $20 armors if I could actually see them. Halo has some of the best armor designs in gaming and it would be amazing to see them in game.

Fortnite has proven there is a huge market for 3rd person shooters so this would significantly expand the reach of the multiplayer.

Simply use the theater mode camera and just give it it’s own playable mode or option. The code is ALL there, just flip that simple switch and I guarantee you’ll draw in at least a few more players who love the franchise but prefer 3rd person.

Posting daily until I get a response or get bored. 343 pls.

I know you’re passionate about this, but making a post everyday is a good way to get banned and a great way to turn people away from your idea, especially when it isn’t gaining a lot of traction.

I think 3rd person in custom games could be fun, but don’t make a post everyday just to push that mate.


I don’t think it should be a priority or leave custom games besides for maybe an event but in my personal opinion, 1st person is more fun, but we will need to keep the game fresh without introducing weaponry and balancing patches that completely breaks the sandbox.

TL;DR add a 3rd person camera option for custom game modes, it would be cool and keep things fresh, even if 1st person is better.

I’m sure this is 100% doable in customs, since theater mode and holding a turret puts you in 3rd person. No real reason it can’t exist in forge and customs. It might be able to be a forge custom powerup. It’s just up to 343 to actually enable it.

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Honestly he should make a post hope it gets popular and call it a day since forge isn’t isn’t out yet.

He can come back when that’s out, since the next thing halo fans are expecting from forge is AI and AI programming and stuff like that, which was in snap maps from DOOM2016.

Forge is gonna be like snapmaps from Doom but like way cooler and larger I think, then third person will make sense to add.

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I just want Forge to be like Halo 5 and Halo Online at the very least. Infinite is built off of Halo 5, so it better have the best Forge mode in Halo history for this extended delay they’re doing

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Yeah I think we’re all expecting Halo 5 levels of forge, or even better, if not just slightly (with AI). AI is the biggest change they could make to get attention, however that may come with the campaign. Either way we’re waiting eagerly.

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I agree with @Cobrinion

Posting everyday is just counterproductive and is going to end up getting you banned or people annoyed with you.

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You don’t need more than one post on the same topic