Please 343

Normally i don’t make these sorts of threads, but… 343 please increase the drop rate for wasps, i have the certification for every weapon and have all armor except for the achillies, and i have only pulled maybe 10 wasps since the release (including the free one from the promo pack). I’ts a tad annoying that i can pull phateons and phateon helios more often than i can the wasp.

Yeah, I also have everything, I think out of 200k REQ points spent (about 100k on silvers) I’ve gotten 1 or 2 Wasps. I’ve given up and just gone back to golds.

Open silver’s?

I think req drops increase more as you use them, if you don’t you might get more req drops of reqs you do use… no proof just my 2 cents

Do you only open Gold packs?

If so, try opening some Silvers. The Wasp is a low req cost card of rare rarity meaning you’ll probably get more in Silver packs.