Please 343 walk back the changes to the Battle Pass and XP system

I love the game, but the current system is way to grindy and anti consumer.

I get that it’s a free to play game now and you need to make some money, but the current system is just way too flawed.

  • When playing we should get normal XP for playing a match instead of just from challenges. This system forces people to focus more on completing the random challenges instead of just playing and enjoying the game. I played for 5 and a half hours today and focused on challenges and only completed one or two levels of the BP. That is just insane and just makes me not even want to play as much because there’s no real reward. It feels like I’m being punished for not spending the equivalent of a new game for the BP even though I did spend the $60 on the Campaign and if it’s going to be like this for the life of the game then I don’t see myself continuing to come back every season like I do with MCC where it feels like I’m being rewarded for playing.

  • We should also get store credits from doing challenges and just from completing matches as well, even if it was just a couple points a pop. As is it’s like $50 for the Premium BP with no in game way (as I know of yet) to earn the points in order to buy it from just playing and enjoying the game.

I get there needs to be some sort of financial gain for you guys and even if you made the changes I mentioned and balanced it out you would still get people spending money on the points for special store items while at the same time rewarding those of us that just love playing the game, but can’t afford hundreds of dollars on cool armor.

Besides the BP and XP system the game is amazing and I can’t wait to play more, but it definitely needs some work in the reward area.


Would also love a list of all the challenges available so we can see how many we have left to do the the weekly item.


The progression definitely needs to have general match completion XP added. However, the battle pass is not $50. It’s $10 for Premium, then $20 for Premium with 25 extra BP levels. That’s a pretty standard price in the current world of Free-to-Play.

They also need to lower the cost of credits or lower the amount of credits needed to get stuff. This type of thing is what made me quit Destiny it was just to expensive to play. And now Halo Infinite multiplayer is now doing the same. In my opinion they would make more if they lower the cost, since it would make it worth while. As of right now far to expensive.

Might if read it wrong then when I looked at the points cost. Even so it’s still a little pricey for me to have to keep buying every season. I can afford it, but it’s not something I’m willing to pay for every few months especially when I bought the full game. I’d be ok with a free BP like in the MCC where we get XP from matches and then level it up that way and from challenges and then just make exclusive store armors and nameplates and charge a reasonable price for those. Because then I would spend some extra money on the game for the stuff I do want.

Yeah some of the prices are a bit much.

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I maybe spent $200 or more on Apex legends over the 2-3 years I played it. I’d bought the first battle pass, and that battle pass would give me enough coins to get the next battle pass.

When a cool event skin would come around, I thought “I’ve only spent $10 on the battle pass, and I have enough coins for the next battle pass, I’ve been unlocking cool things steadily. I will buy this cool skin!”

That same feeling will not happen with infinite the way it is. Apex is on season 10. If Halo infinite gets to season 10, that’ll be $130 CDN I’ll have to spend to keep progressing. No cool skins bought from the store, no xp boosts, no other monetization and I’ll have to pay $130. It’s just plain greed what 343 is doing.

Can you explain what you mean by too expensive to play? It’s completely free to play, and it’s micro-transactions are in line with other F2P games. If it’s priced too high don’t buy it and just enjoy the game for free.

It’s all cosmetic. I don’t really understand what you mean. You don’t need every new cosmetic piece - or even a single one for that matter - to have fun and play the game.

Am I missing something here?

What I meant by to expensive to play, is that if I want my Spartan to be unique I have to pay to do so. If I want to unlock everything on the battle pass I have to pay to do so. I like making my Spartan look unique, have since Halo 3. I like putting my own personality in how my Spartan looks. But to do so now in Halo Infinite I have to buy credits to use in their stores to get armor pieces or swap tickets to get rid of challenges I don’t have time or luck or the skill to complete before a week is over. I am not a very skilled person and challenges like get 10 kills with a screwer is hard for me I end up missing the player and when I get it there tends not to be any vehicles nearby but a whole lot of enemies around me and I end up dying without using despite trying to avoid battles at all cost so I can use it on vehicles.

Right? 10 people buying it at $20 is still the same amount of revenue as 40 people buying it at $5. Difference is, you’re likely to attract more buyers with a more affordable product.

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But 343i iteration atleast let you keep your battlepass, meanwhile other battlepasses rip you off your money if you don’t let force yourself to play each day etc as they want you too, or encourage you to buy level ups. Battlepasses like this were the reason why i hate FOMO and Battlepass and why the drove me away from the likes of Warzone, Fortnite or even Apex, simply because it feels more like work instead of a joy where i can pick up and grind for it in my pace. I’d argue the other iterations speaks more for it’s greed.

Not saying(like if you look at my own topic) that the EXP and BP doesn’t need work, not at all, it does. However BP shouldn’t be earnable with a premium currency, otherwise we might lose something more of value, and thats BP aren’t FOMO anymore.

Instead i’d suggest adding a different Currency which you can earn via BP and than use for Shop-Items(and maybe adjust the pricetag a bit…)… but stick to the need for paying for BP so it can stay out of the FOMO nonsense.