After reading the GI article I have just accepted the fact that you’re not going to take out armor abilities and take out load outs. You put a lot of work into the game and I’m sure that you wouldn’t just want to trash all the work you have done just because I don’t want it. BUT if ANYTHING. If you could just do this ONE tiny thing for ME. I just have ONE small request. Can you PLEASE - PLEASE put armor back on the Elites’ arms???



Oh, and change the DMR scope. That looks dumb too.

The elite’s Armour-less arms is just one variation of what may be many so it’s not a big deal, it would work well for civilian elite scenes in machinimas, that is if 343 decide to put them in full play-lists in the final game, and to be honest I have only heard them say they’re not in match making, that still leaves custom games, fire fight game modes, forge and what ever 343 have put in.