Please 343, please just make a challenge and event system that is compatible with Parties

I feel like every single time my friends and i boot up this game to play together and try to grind out the challenges, one of us always ends up saying “well you guys keep playing, I’m gonna go play free for all to get rid of these challenges.” This new event has only served to exacerbate this issue to the point where this week is the most Anti-Social that Halo has ever been.

Why do these challenges have to be so narrowly focused on specific game modes? I feel like everyone should be able to play whatever game mode they want to play and still be able to progress challenges and unlock that nice weekly reward. Especially now, when the weekly rewards are actually becoming worth the grind, it becomes especially frustrating.

Now i dont want anyone to think that I’m making this post to take a crap on this new game mode. I actually love the new mode and i think its an awesome addition to the game that has the potential to become one of those iconic modes. Its a great innovation and i genuinely give props to 343 for this. And the map is great too.

My problem is that in order to progress my challenges, I’m forced to play alone. Not the worst issue, but my friends and i have fun playing Halo together, and this event is really killing that fun.