please 343 let us fly a pelican and phantom in halo 4!

I would love to be able to do this and i have wanted to forever and we all know the new alexandria easter egg really sucks

even if it’s just in one big map like the forge world map in reach we would love it :slight_smile:

plus it could open up new gametypes like 3v3 with the phantoms and pelican could add into a invasion gametype if included or just be for getting across a large amount of space.

plus it would be awesome for machinima purposes

I have always wanted to fly a Pelican and Phantom. And lets not forget the Scarab. Please make it happen 343!

Not a bad idea. Maybe on an Epic scale to where Master Chief must take full control over a pelican and commandeer it through destructing forerunner objects around him barely making it out alive. I want see over all epic scale battles and scenery within Halo 4.

This will be cool for about 5 minutes, but then everyone will realize it’s not all that. Just look at the pelican/phantom in New Alexandria.

I could see a Pelican or Phantom being very useful in a Multiplayer situation, where the team coordinates their efforts and loads into one of these to be rapidly transported across the map. It would give new meaning to “map control” if you could strategically place players around the map quickly.

Well As the title says, you know, I made a topic for this last year for bungie to read and to show them how many people want the change form fun custom games, and machinima, since they gave in, this is the new forum, and 343 Industries have taken over, and are a whole different kettle of fish, and they plan reach’s first title update, I thought it might be a good thing to chuck my topic back in the mix, for them and for the community, and for the upcoming title update to say…ADD PELICANS, PHANTOMS AND MAYBE SCARABS TO FORGE/CUSTOM GAMES!!! DISCUSS, VOTE AND RANT MY FRIENDS!!!