Please 343, do not put anything from the Tenrai event into the shop

If the event really is meant to be free, do not divide the content into the shop. Keep all the items relevant to the event free.


Or worse, don’t put a reskin into the shop, it was so disappointed in Halo 5 when they reskinned the Helioskrill armor you unlocked for completing all MCC campaigns on legendary, it made the accomplishment pointless.


I’m a little confused as the Tenrai Armour Core looks nothing like what was shown in promo media, it’s all rusty and grey, so either the attachments you unlock will make it look as advertised, or they’ll put that skin in the shop, or at the end of the event BP.

Then again, we don’t really know what the fracture events actually are. Big Team PVE? 30 players go against a horde of banished? Sounds cool, but I’m just concerned that this is the start of a serious downward spiral.


Pretty sure it is too, a lot of mixed feelings with this game. I want to play the game but the game doesn’t want me to play it.


Too late. Pass got leaked, 30 teirs, and 15 are exp boosts. The kabuto armour theyve been using as marketing for the “free” event is a cash item.


You have a link for the leak?

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Where does it say it’s a cash item?

343 industries already confirmed that any items from the store, capstone, achievements, Battlepass, Events, etc, can ONLY be unlocked from their respective places. In other words, something in the store can only be had from the store, something from a challenge can only be had from a challenge, something from an event can only be earned in the battlepass. As it should be. "Cries in Helioskrill*

If it’s not in the free battle pass where else could it be.

Maybe this is only the first part of the event and you can unlock more for that armor core next time when it’s back? I don’t know. It’s just this guy said it was leaked as a cash item and posted a link, yet nothing said it was a cash item anywhere.

343 in the blog post did mention that a part of Yoroi was gonna be premium based.

Because of course they did. Honestly I’m ready to just say “-Yoink!- Halo Infinite” uninstall the game, and stick to the last GOOD Halo game, MCC. Infinite is a failure out the gate, and anyone who supported the coatings/microtransactions in the game and lack of a second delay are the ones to blame.

343 has no self control, again at least not the mainline 343 team. At least the MCC team does cool stuff FOR FREE on a game that’s almost a decade old. Sorry 343 but Infinite while the gameplay mechanics are good, the rest of the game is mediocre.

BTW just a fun little fact: When Halo Infinite MP launched it had 107k viewers on Twitch, today it only has 58k, let that sink in at how fast people are bailing on this product. 343 ditch the store, ditch microtransactions, make the battlepass a straight purchase, and stop with the needlessly overly monetized storefronts. Players DO NOT WANT microtransactions in Halo, and you are a company owned by Microsoft you DO NOT NEED them

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What a clown show, I have a hard time to believe that they would sink that low.

Absolute worst part of it too is that Horizon 5 just launched with more customization than ever and virtually no microtransactions at all, a week later this monstrosity launched. This is why i honestly think this is 100% on 343 rather than Microsoft and wish Microsoft would come out and say what they are going to do about this. Halo is their biggest system seller and has been since literally day 1 of xbox and they are letting this happen to it. They have been busting -Yoink!- and spending tons of money over the last 2 years turning the ship around after the disaster last gen was and then this.

If Microsoft doesn’t step in this might very well be the final nail in the coffin for xbox and everything about it for me.


Yeah, honestly Infinite is shaping up to be the next EA Battlefront 2, and not in a good way.

Basically everything that 343 has said over the last two or so years is out the window now. They’ve lied to us at every turn.


Unfortunately it seems that way, read the main Halo Infinite blog, it mentions that specifically that there are Premium elements to Yoroi.

So they advertised a FREE event, a FREE event that includes a FREE Battle Pass, a FREE event where you can earn the Yoroi Armour, the Yoroi Armour they showcased in various media. Only for them to bait and switch us with the -Yoink!- Tenrai Armour instead, the Yoroi Armour, which was implied (and I’m pretty sure mentioned a few times) that it could be unlocked through the FREE event Battle Pass, Now they’re showing a regressed version, one that looks similar, but not what was shown off and advertised…

…Aaaaannnddd they’re more than likely gunna shove that Yoroi Armour that was advertised into the in-game store for an extra premium price.

We live in a Clown World.


Its confirmed that most of the yoroi armour will be locked behind the store in bundles, you earn two sets of it through the unlocks and the rest is cash upfront, theres just tons of xp boosts and challenge swaps to pad out the rest of the 30 tiers
I literally called this like two days ago, that most of the event gear would he premium purchase, so sad to see 343 fall so low into the greed, i thought blitz and warzone were bad

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