Please 343! Bring back first person vehicle riding!

It gives more immersion, and more immersion = good. Seriously, I loved that aspect of Halo CE. I remember playing co-op with my brother, that Halo mission: he was driving the warthog and I was riding shotgun, seeing the world from the passenger seat through a first person view, seeing the environment pas by fast and feel every bump. It was really awesome, it’s not something major, but it made the experience more immersive and more fun. You NEED to always see the world from the first person view, that way, you feel like playing the MC exploring and all much more. Other example: the tank in Assault on the Control Room. Again my brother was driving, and me riding the scorpion alongside marines. Unprotected, feet hanging down, close to the trail inside the cavern. Seeing the walls move by slowly and all, again something minimal, but it really improved my experience, it’s thrilling really.

And for each subsequent Halo games post-Halo 2, I was hoping for this to come back. Imagine how insane it would’ve been riding shotgun the mongoose in Halo 3! Doing the rocket thing for the Storm mission, or even for rocket race! And the hornet, that was a major disappointment for me, it would have made The Covenant mission cooler. Imagine seeing your feet hang above the sea, thousands of feet above, unprotected and seeing the pilot right next to you. It would really have been killer. But in third person view, you are taken further away from the action, and from the environment, and that’s something that shouldn’t happen in a Halo game with such killer environments or great encounters. Hell, imagine riding the hornet when fighting the scarabs… And then I was waiting again for it for Halo Reach… didn’t happen again… Well, it kinda happened for the Falcon, but that’s all. Was better than nothing I guess, and it was really cool for sure.

Anyway 343, please, please, make riding vehicles exciting again, I want to feel the excitement of exploring the world even if I ride in vehicles. First person driving would be neat too. Just give the option for campaign, and make it third person by default for mp if that’s a problem.

I would post this in the Official Feedback thread so that 343 is sure to see it.

thanks for the info, didn’t know about the thread.

It will be in Anniversery for sure.




Which really pleases me, but it’s more about Halo 4-6.