Pleasantly and Unexpectedly Surprised

Judging from the Halo 5 Beta Trailer I tried to convince myself that those jumps and ground pounds and tackles were just flash for the trailer. I thought if sprint came back or ADS came to Halo I wouldn’t like it, BUT

I am extremely liking what I am seeing! Unexpectly I can roll with these new changes and hope they are doing their best to balance them! I don’t know if it feels very “Halo” yet, key word being yet, because it looks to be adding very intriguing, skillful and fun to use additions.

However what I saw was not perfect, an early build of the game, but I must say some of the visuals and audio were fairly ugly and unappealing.
-the BR look: It’s just not easy on the eyes IMO, I think it could have a skinner, maybe more edged look to get it back to a more -Yoink!- weapon
-the Sniper Rifle look: it looks very similar to H4s which was way outclassed by the look of the H2A/Reach/CEA sniper look
-the Smart Scope: looks pretty good, but just a tad messy, not too much wrong there.
-The BR and SMG specifically sound very underpowered and weak. It sounds like a toy to be blunt and it could use some more power in the sound of the shots.

But nonetheless I am super excited to play the H5 beta and am pleasantly attracted to these new Spartan Abilities, when before I was completely opposed to them. 343 I still have hope in you guys! Keep letting the pros test with you it seems to be working.