I’m tired of seeing Jeremiah run the playlists. His changes are creative but aren’t doing anything for the main problems which is ranked gameplay. If bungie handed the game to 343 why does he still have control of the playlist? Jeremiah bans me every time I post now. He says if I say his name when I am criticizing reach that it is against the rules. I truly don’t see why so many people are fans of his work. I think he is bad at what he does to be honest.

…life sucks when halo sucks : (

I think Jeremiah is doing a good job. I am sure he has his hands tied. What can he do besides Playlist stuff?? 343 has all the power now. I like Reach quite a bit but there are somethings I would like changed. I am not sure if what I want is for the best or not. I don’t know how 343 will make everyone happy. I know they can’t. I am glad I’m not them a lot of responsibility. We can really do nothing except post here with ideas and suggestions.

oh this “Jeramihah” chooses what map you play on next. cool. I think he’s good at it.

There is not much he can do about the ranking system by adding and removing gametypes… He does what he can, though.

Don’t shoot Jeremiah!!! He’s not the brains of the operation, he’s a left-hand and arm :slight_smile: