What happened to the playlists, I still don’t get why there are only about 7 game types we can play from. Personally I don’t even feel like we have a playlist, just a couple of game types in what is technically a play list. In halo 3 we had 3 playlists I believe all with a few different game types, in reach we had 3 big playlists with like 5 different game types each, 4 I can’t exactly recall because it’s been a while since I’ve been on my 360. But the point is, I feel like we’ve regressed a lot in halo 5, don’t get me wrong I love halo 5, but a lot of customization/options were cut when I thought they were going to be added.

Go here, you might need a cup of tea/coffee for this one…

At least it’ll give me something to read for now lol, I like how it seems reasonable on the first page, hope it stays like that lol.

Oh and thanks for the link Steve