Playlists, where are they?

Where are all the good playlists. like snipers and MLG. even team doubles… the games been out for a few months now and you can’t even put doubles in?

All the “good” playlists were removed.

They are most likely coming back in the upcoming TU later this month.

They will come, but for now, just make do with what you got. Which is unfortunate, I know, but crap happens man.

Stay strong man!

Im dissapointed they cant put doubles or MLG yet … its ridiculous

Lol. They’ll add ‘em eventually. Just make noise until they do.
I want Multi Team! And not that CRAP from reach. I want Real Multi Team. 4 2-player teams. The Good ol’ days. =)

I think this whole playlist rotation/adding new playlists per week bullcrap is an attempt to aid the longevity of an already terminal game

I feel as if they do that because they want us to like infinity slayer, sorry 343 not a fan. i Enjoy the classic feel and I would kill for some doubles, and not a tempt doubles an actual playlist for it!