Playlists using noble/defiant map packs Only?

Ok so I have about 4 achievements left, but 3 of them require defiant DLC. I have had all the DLC since they were released, yet apparently now NO ONE has them. is there ANY LEGITIMATE way to find:

  • 1 flag ctfs on Highlands
  • infection on Condemned

Besides those 2 i only need to become a lt colonel then buy an item at that rank, and then double kill from the grave to get 100% yet I simply do NOT want to boost. Every halo achievement i earned on my own, so boosting is not an option and I am so close. I didnt even use the custom game glitch for the stockpile achievements.

I KNEW i shouldnt have stopped playing when Squad DLC was up but i figured at this point in the Reach time frame that the playlists were set in stone. I didnt know they still changed them and to remove the playlist that was DLC only was ridiculously stupid.

So yea any non-boosting ideas or is that pretty much my only recourse if i want to get them? debating on if getting 100% illegitimately is worth doing atthis point since i also have 78/79 in halo 3 too (damn you perfection on a mythic map).

Living Dead has Condemned
1 Flag CTF on Highlands shows up in Big Team Battle.

thank you my friend I knew about living dead, just no luck. lol but did not know 1 flag is in btb so i shall try some of that as well. I appreciate it!

I would also gather a large party to increase your chances. Also the 1-flag achievement is insanely hard.

i was so pissed! a few months back when squad dlc was still there (damn you 343!) i was in a 1 flag on highlands. we started, got a point, other team went for it and didnt even get close to it, then next round, we got a point again, then… the last round… 20 secs left, a damn cloaked guy came in and grabbed the flag. he was promptly killed and they lost, but the damage to my achievement was done.

i had stopped playing for months after, not realizing reach playlists were still changed, and now i’m boned. before i could never find stockpile, now its one of the 3 initial choices EVERY time on team objective, so i got those 2 easy (cuz they can be on any map), but now im screwed for the other 2. argh if only i just kept playing til i got them.

hit me up if you wanna try and get these last achievements. i wanna get a party group going. gamertag = vato12

Im angry about the new menu layout and the game type removals 343 has done to halo reach I just bought the defiant map pack then the next day the menu update was placed and when I saw some of the game types I like to play have been removed all I want is halo to go back to bungie because everything 343 is doing with halo so far I really am not liking it or at least 343 keep things the way they should be