Playlists that still have oddball?

I only have 4 achievements left in Halo 3, 3 in Lone Wolves and one were you have to get 3 oddball melee kills on a Ledgendary map. So I was wondering what playlists have oddball or a variant of it still, I know it pops up farelly often in Rumble Pit but with everyone against each other it can be quite difficult to get the ball so I want to know what other playlists feature oddball and are DLC required.

I see it rumble pit quite alot but haven’t see it in LW for some time.

7 on the 7th has Oddball. It’s all Mythic Maps + Cold Storage. You can pop that achievement on the Mythic Maps, not sure about Cold Storage though.

I find Assembly to be a good map for getting Oddball kills.

Rumble Pit, Lone Wolves, Multi Team, and 7 on the 7th.

You can get the achievement on Cold Storage. That is where I got mine.

Rumble Pit and 7 on the 7th are your best bet.

I personally find it quite easy to get on Ghost Town or Blackout.

I only have 5 achievements left in halo 3