Playlists That Do Not Allow Party Chat

Yes, the idea originated from Call of Duty (as far as I know) and if you dismiss the idea solely for that reason, please do not comment.

I’ve got mixed feelings about games that restrict party chat either all together or in some specific playlists. The good side is that it promotes talking to teammates which can make the game more tactical and friendships can be formed once you get talking to somebody. The negative side is sometimes I just want to talk to my friends and not deal with mic spammers, little kids, and arrogant people. However, as long as the mute button is there, does that even matter?

I’m anxious to know how other people feel about this. I had a conversation about this with one of my friends a while back and he said that if they restricted Party Chat in some playlists in Reach, less people would play the game/playlists. However, wouldn’t the same be true of Call of Duty if that were the case? After that we agreed we were not sure how people would react to it.

it’s because a lot of people who play CoD don’t know how to play REAL games (this is just a joke, i don’t really think that about people) but really, idk


This won’t exactly solve anything, a chunk of the people on MM just aren’t using their mics.

What’s the point? The only reason it’s enforced in one playlist in CoD is to stop people from talking after they’ve died. Forcing people to game chat in Halo would ruin the game for me. Besides audio quality in party chat is alot better.

I’m sure they all do allow it. Though it will be cool if they banned it from some of the playlist.

So long as you can still mute why not have playlists like this. They would bring back the team aspect that Halo has been drifting from.

Party chat is one factor that ruins matchmaking. If you want to play a game of basketball its not acceptable to wear a Bluetooth head set and talk to your friends who aren’t there. Not only does it hurt your team, by you being distracted AND not communicating with them, but it dampens the experience by isolating you from your competition.

Part chat is getting driven to high school. Game chat is taking the school bus.

I understand what your saying and it would probably promote teamwork, but in my opinion game chat quality is bad compared to party chat.

I would love a 4v4 no party chat playlist in Halo Reach. It ruins the social experience for me. Hell, i’d be in favor of an all out ban of Party chat in Halo Reach. To many chat bubbles and not enough mic icons in game. Btw, saying party chat is necessary for the quality is ridiculous. In game chat quality is fine.

I think a better solution would be to take into account party chat when matching players. Try to throw players without mics and in party chat into party’s and people with mics into others, as well when it can’t be done try to at least build teams with those who have mics, that way players who do use them can communicate with each other, socialize, and strategize. I really was not a fan of party chat in games, it ruins the social experience, and team experience for those of us who want it. But I think making mic only playlists would splinter the population too much as well as possibly restrict the playlist options of some players. I think if any playlist is no party chat it should be Arena as it’s the only playlist with a competitive rank.