Playlists ideas for halo 5

As you guys you guys know the playlists for halo 5 have been revealed and id like to share my thoughts. while it is a little dissapointing that old favourites arent there at launch i do know it isnt without reason and i think we should stick with 343 on this journey creating fun and exciting playlists. i would like to stay optimistic about future content updates.
For example, strongholds is like king of the hill in a sense but you have to control two hills to score. An evoled koth persay. They could do the same with oddball in the future. I would like to see something new where theres two oddballs instead and your team would have to hold both oddballs to score. Instead of just carrying the ball youll have a “oddnum” (ball and pistol) but the tradenoff would be that you cant one hit k.o. oddball throwing could come back and with two oddballs in play there coild be some really interesting throws around the map. If each team has an oddball it would create the same dynamic you get when you need your flag home to score.
If anything i want 343 to be slow with this one and make sure all the base playlists work as intended and move forward. I also want all the old playlists back but most of all i want them to innovate make these great gametypes perfect in every way. It seems like they really took their time with CTF and i would like to see it in future playlists

What do you guys think about the playlists. What would you like added and what new gametypes should they be coming up with. If you guys agree with my oddball idea i think we should really push that one. Other wise i wanna hear all the ideas out there