Playlists Don't Work

It keeps saying there’s a problem with the dedicated server.


I think all the servers have wet the bed - seen a few people complaining

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Twitch is down as well, something’s up…?

Yeah, I also keep getting “Unable to start Dedicated Server”.

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Get your **** together 343. Gather it all up, put it in a bag…

Servers are down which means Halo infinite has become Halo; 0, Halo; Useless. I mean does campaign work without internet??

Same here got a message saying Dedicated server problem. It’s almost like The Coalition from gears is the same company as 343 Industries…….

Wait of minute!!! :thinking:

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[Insert the scene from Halo 4 where the Infinity is crashing onto the surface of Requiem, but the joke is that the word “Halo Servers” is edited onto it.]

I’d say AWS servers again, but while Twitch is hosted there, I have to assume a Microsoft product is hosted in Azure - that said it could be a broader attack

well servers are up now so.

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Having this problem now. Anyone else?

Servers are down for everyone

I am as well… Immediately after equipping an hour long double XP boost that I technically PAID FOR.

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Phew!!! Not just me lmao!

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They’re already looking into what’s causing the problems:


Thanks for the reports here everyone. We’re looking into it right now. We’ve got a tweet up from the Halo Support account and we’ll share updates as we get them.

Edit: We believe this issue is now resolved! Please restart your games to give everything a kick in the pants. As always, if you encounter any other issues please report them to us on the Halo Support site!


Thanks for the update

Anyone looking at this now is a hero! Thank you!

Also… obligatory ‘fix btb’

Just got into a game!