Playlists are Overrated.

So, you’ve probably noticed that playlists have been in rut recently…

I mean they’re breeding and there are far to many for our fragile matchmaking ecosystem.

If we allow this to continue, they will eat all the chips. Allow me to explain:

If we have 100 players and 1 playlist, 100/1=100 and everyone plays together.
If we have 100 players and 2 playlists, 100/2=50 and those two groups of 50 players will only play against eachother if they don’t switch playlist.
And so on until we have one perfect playlist for every player and each player only plays that… with no one.

This means the gene pool of players will become severely limited. And inbred.

Now now, don’t panic: we will not mutate into beings prone to heart disease and webbed feet. Neither will I suggest something rediculous or impractical.

So what AM I suggesting? Simple: 4 Playlists* max:

-Competitive (All Team Slayer, like Arena)
-Objective (Objective gametypes and Slayer with a social orientation)
-Co-op (Campaign and Firefight)
-Custom (SWAT, Zombies, Forged Games, Fiesta, etc.)

*Competitive and Objective may have a ratings system or 1-50 rank.

Just select one and get matched, vote, play. Rince and repeat.

But that’s not all!

In Reach, we were introduced to a system that allowed us to play with or against a prefered kind of player: Chatty, Quiet, Team Players, or Codfish.

Why not indicate, before jumping into matchmaking, your gametype and map preferences as well? Not only that, but allow a level of prioritization!

Your preference would be read by the new matchmaking algorithms and you would be matched IN PRIORITY (As in you prefer this or that, but if there’s no one to play it, you will likely get something else) with someone of similar interests, and your choices may be reflected in the upcoming vote.

Think about it:
“I love playing Objective Gametypes! Well, except that inhuman agglomeration of feces named ‘Stockpile’…”

With this, you can avoid things you hate, keep the door opened to them when there’s nothing else, and get closer to the things you love!

Here’s how it will work:

On a scale from “1” to “4”, rate your playlists in priority. (You can use the same number multiple times).

Example with playlists (Does not reflect my personal opinion):

[2] Competitive: I will play it from time to time.
[4] Objective: I’m always up for it.
[4] Co-op: I’ll play it just as much as Objective.
[1] Custom: Bleh.

This way we could even have a “Matchmaking” button that picks a playlist for you and lets you play right away.

Next is Player Count (From “1” to “X”):

[X] Two on Two. (Or Two for Co-op, Firefight and FFA)
[X] Four on Four. (Or Four for Co-op, Firefight and FFA)
[X] Five on Five. (Or Five for Co-op, Firefight and FFA, if applicable)
[X] Eight on Eight. (Or Eight for Co-op, Firefight and FFA, if applicable)

Then Gametypes (From “1” to “X”):

[X] Slayer.
[X] CTF.
[X] Oddball.
[X] Territories.
[X] Race.
[X] Juggernaught.
[X] Invasion.
[X] Headhunter.
[X] Stockpile.
[X] Campaign.
[X] Firefight/Versus.

We could even go further and say "I like Four on Four for Slayer, but Five on Five for CTF, etc.

Then Maps (From “1” to “X”):

[X] Map 1.
[X] Map 2.

The game could also generate Carnage reports that recommends certain things you are good at, or you could ask the game to prioritize for you, etc.

The possibilities are endless and the applications many.

Whacha think?

Please leave questions, comments and sentiments of destruction.

That seems good

Worst. Idea. Ever.

> Worst. Idea. Ever.

And why?

If we don’t have a server browser, or even if we do and people chose matchmaking and specific things, I don’t see why not.


I agree that there are too many playlists, but 4 is far too few.

One playlist to support every slayer type and every objective type, etc…will not be liked. Snipers and Team Doubles are far too different to have them in the same playlist.

The playlists in Halo 3 were fine. However, they’d be happily redundant if a proper Custom Games Browser was implemented.