Playlists and Gametypes: Lack thereof or ok?

I’m hoping when the full game launches 343 will bring about more maps (please not boring forge ones), gametypes and playlists (both casual and ranked) as well as updated btb (along with BR starts). Right now it feels very limited in what this game offers. Especially since 343 had 6 years to make this game.

Do you agree or disagree?

Also I wouldn’t mind some weapons being taken out if the rotation seeing as its way too overpopulated and most weapons provide little effectiveness and are not fun to use. And please please please lets get more opportunities for picking up a BR (very rare to find).

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We won’t be getting new maps when the game “launches” in December, but we absolutely need gamemode specific playlists, I think it’s rather disappointing the game didn’t launch with a dedicated Slayer playlist, especially considering some challenges require a certain mode to be played.

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social needs match composer!!

Ranked needs more playlists.

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