Playlists and Games Within them

Alright, so I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now and there are a few grievances I have with different parts of the game, but I’m here to focus on two in particular. First, the clash and inconsistency between the commendations that are available (and completionists like me want to master), and the availability of certain gametypes, the most notable of which is Oddball; Second, there are no objective exclusive playlists, save Big Team Skirmish.

So, here’s why these bother me in order:

  1. Oddball is only available in two playlists, Multiteam and Rumble Pit. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that these playlists aren’t viable for this game type or vice versa. In fact they are great for it. However, every other game type that has a commendation has it’s own playlist. The only one that defies this is KotH, but it has four and of varied sizes of teams and everything. Just in case you don’t want to go look here’s the list in the commendations: Slayer, Regicide, CtF, Oddball, KotH,Dominion, and Flood. So, oddball is very difficult to get in to, especially since it’s one of those either you like it or you don’t game types. But I do feel there are enough Halo 4 players that enjoy it to qualify either more inclusion in playlists, or I would prefer, it’s own playlist.

This playlist, which I think would be a nice addition, would include a standard 4v4 oddball, but other variants could be included such as BR’s (which i’m not a fan of, but everyone else likes them apparently)/ small arms only/ shotty snipes oddball/ or even a small mapped swords only type. All I’m saying is that oddball has lots of untapped potential that I think could and should be utilized.

  1. My biggest grievance with this is that some game types are more challenging and less luck based when there are fewer people in the game. sure, 8v8 KotH is good, but 4v4 is harder and requires more strategy, and this must have been recognized given that’s it’s in both rumble pit and multi, but 4v4 was just kind of skipped. And some of us just aren’t always in the mood for slayer matches. Some of us just want to play objective games and don’t feel like dealing with slayers. There are plenty of slayer only playlists, so why are all the other playlists that have teams bunched up with both slayer and objective? I realize this may seem silly to some, but this really bothers me. They are different skill sets and methods of playing and sometimes I’m not in the mood for one or the other.

Alright, that’s it. Those are my current major grievances. More oddball (preferably it’s own playlist), and objective only playlists. Have at it community, debate as you will.

My vote is a 4v4 or 5v5 team objective playlist which contains flag, ball, KOTH, ricochet, extraction, etc.

I agree, an Oddball playlist should return. Oddball was notably more popular than the other objective playlists (except CTF) and should be given another chance to stand on its own.

I should note, that if the playlist does return, it should be in the exact same state as the original playlist. That includes 5v5, loadouts and instant respawn.

I wouldn’t expect too much as far as an oddball exclusive play list. They are working on consolidating play lists to account for the low population, so I wouldn’t think they are eager to start adding more play lists.

Now… I can definitely get behind pushing for a rotating “play list of the week” that would cater to under serviced game types. The novelty factor combined with expiration date could generate a sustainable population for the week long period without having a large detrimental effect on the populations of other play lists.

Oddball unfortunately isn’t popular enough by itself to receive a playlist onto itself, but I would like to see a 5v5 Team Objective playlist introduced that would combine Oddball w/ KOTH and possibly Ricochet and an Assault-like variation on Ricochet down the road.

For example see this War Games Playlist suggestion.

What the!?!?! now they got rid of the regicide playlist too?

It’s now in rumble pit. Regicide is even worse than it was before because now it’s 8 players.

What if there was an Oddball/regicide/KotH 4v4 playlist?
That way people who need or want access to lesser played game types would be appeased?