Playlist Suggestions

I think it probably goes without saying that there will be massive outcry if it’s revealed that this is the final planned playlist selection. I wish we had clearer communication on this front. It’s an odd problem to have because the last SEVERAL Halo launches have been criticized for having too few playlists. So we went and set a record for fewest.

I think at the very least we need something like:

-Ranked Team Slayer
-Ranked Objective
-Ranked 8v8 or 6v6

-Social Slayer
-Social Objective
-Social BTB

-Ranked and/or Social FFA
-The best Action Sack they can cobble together out of limited custom game options and no Forge
-Maybe Swat
-Maybe Doubles

Honestly, the biggest gap right now seems to be in casual, just-for-fun gametypes and playlists, as even Quick Play feels pretty try-hardy right now. Hopefully they have some other gametypes ready that they can rush out in response to the relatively anemic launch content. My worst nightmare is custom game content held hostage by limited events and FTP incentives. They need to give us as much as possible as fast as possible, in lieu of a speedy Forge launch. It’s pretty bonkers that we can’t play Fiesta in customs.

What are your suggestions for playlists?

I also want to add that 343 should be more comfortable with niche playlists. In Halo 3 and Reach, the games with the most content hands-down, Bungie tended to lend long-term support to many less popular playlists. It feels like something has to be almost universally popular to make the cut these days, which seems regressive.

What are your suggestions for playlists?

I’m gonna say a BTB Heavies playlist in which all vehicles spawn at the beginning of the match on each team’s base, because heavy vehicles barely have any presence at all in normal BTB due to the new Pelican drop spawning mechanics.

Also permanent Fiesta that we can play outside the event would be great.

343 doesn’t like to give a game mode its own playlist if it isn’t very popular, but I’m confident BTB Heavies and Fiesta would be popular enough to warrant their own playlists. They both have been in past games.

Oh I also want to shout out Multi-Team, which was my most-played playlist in Halo Reach. I think it’s probably impossible via the current outline implementation, so I hope they figure that out quickly.