playlist sizes and boosting

I believe to prevent boosting 343 should half the max party size in all playlist, 16 for btb? Its an 8v8 playlist, that is just asking for boosting if you can fill both teams with friends, regicide is 6 player ffa you can take a party of 6 into it? I believe a max party of 3 would be better for regicide. By halving these playlist max party sizes (not gametype sizes dont worry, btb would still be 16 players but limited to parties of 8 or below) 343 could stop the ability to boost all together. Yes i will admit I boosted in regicide, I have been banned, nowhere does the game warn me i could be banned for doing so, instead it actually allows me to take a full party into regicide. So what I am saying is, instead of banning people who have boosted and in the interest of community statistics as a whole, 343 should simply half the maximum party people can take into a playlist and it would become impossible to do, this could be implemented through a weekly match making update ( i noticed that infinity challenge has already done what i am suggesting), and would remove boosting. The other thing I would suggest is a in-game warning about the games strict ban rules (details) etc, that is accessible from ingame somewhere.

Thank you for reading.

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Sorry but I think this is a silly idea. If people get stuck with achvs then being able to take friends in is useful. Also if you want to play as a full team and get xp at the same time then you can.

Plus I think you forget that some of us and Im one have 200 friends on xboxlive covering 2 online profiles even if it was halved Id still be able to find enough friends to fill a lobby.

So your coming here whining about the fact you were banned which I believe discussing the reason behind your ban is an offence on the forums. Now you have been caught you dont think others should be able to do it. Give me a break. Im guessing you didnt have a full party rather you filled the lobby with some guests ?
Thats is why you got banned and Im not going to tell you anything more than that for fear of getting a forum ban.

Boosting is stupid. It’s not something that should be prevented but should be out right band. It is cheating and like mods should be band at every instance.
It’s like steroids in sports, if you can’t do it like everyone else then you shouldn’t be in the game.
Now the party size, nice idea but sometimes you have friends who want to play. And I see no problem as long as they are on the same team. Just none of them should be boosting.

Simple way to prevent boosting, don’t do it and that will lead to others fining its not such a cool idea.

Btw, under form rules bumping a post is not a good thing.

Im sorry but if you want to boost I dont see any harm in doing so. Provided the lobby is filled then you dont effect anyone else and therefore the playlists should remain as they are.

Boosting cannot be compared to modding. Modding is game changing for the user and the players they meet of course that should be bannable. However boosting your K/D or some commendations or an achv or two does not effect any other halo player.

the problem most of you seem to have with my suggestion is that you think you wouldn’t be able to search as a full team, you would be able to search as a full team, using btb as an example, i would have party size limited to 8, it would still be a 8v8 game-type and you could still search with up to 7 friends, it just wouldn’t be fill a whole game lobby like it is now. Yes I did boost regicide with a friend we each had 3 controllers, it doesn’t say anywhere in game that it is bannable and it is easy enough to do, so why would we assume that we would get banned?

Thank you Darth Bra, that is the exact point I was trying to convey.

As I said I am not going to discuss your ban nor tell you the reason why you where banned. However just because you got caught it doesnt mean others have to suffer. I know what you meant when you said party size but then if your in a clan and want an clan battle all you can play is customs.
I was banned in halo reach but I didnt post about it and saying I got caught so now everyone should pay.

Im not saying “everyone should pay”, customs would suffice for a “clan battle”, I’m saying why do they allow you to fill a game lobby and then ban you for exploiting a filled game lobby to speed up your commendation progress? I know the ban isn’t long, but at least warn users that they have a ban system that sees doing so as bannable or just acknowledge that there is a hole in their game.

I think they should leave the party size as it is, though they should straight-up ban and reset people who boost.

@chainsmokingbob, would you add a warning on playlists where it is possible to do it, so people clearly know not to do it.

Banning people…?! Ok well lets talk about banning then how about those players that for many years now have got free credits out of us playing legit players. Im talking about the ones that idle/afk in firefight on reach and spartan ops on halo 4. You really think that, that is fine but boosting a few comms in a full lobby should be bannable and all players reset.
343 has never done anything about the idle players and I would say they are more of an issue than the boosters.

So let me get this straight, you want to prevent people having fun and taking large parties into matchmaking because of the small minority of idiots who may abuse such freedoms and try to boost?

I think the present system is fine as it is - just don’t boost and you won’t get banned.

If you added a warning onto playlists then people would know what to do right in order not to be banned. That wouldnt work either. Just know that IF you boost you always risk a ban. If you get caught you only have yourself to blame no one else. Therefore you should take the ban like a man learn from past experience and never do it again.

I dont plan on doing it again, but had there been some warning or prevention through the game such as playlist description or reduced party size I wouldnt have dont it in the first place. Does anyone know how long the “Temporary EXP ban” lasts? I dont see thee point in playing without exp until im sr130.

If its your first ban usually it will last 48hrs. It can depend on what you did to get banned but as you got caught quickly in only a few games and all you did was boost I would have thought 48hrs would be enough.

Also remember that just because there is a knife or a gun on the table it doesnt mean we pick it up and kill our friends with it.
The playlist are the way they are so that the trustworthy players can still enjoy a complete full party legit game, which should be allowed.

We all make our own choices in this world that result in us being individual and makes us who we are today.

You will know for next time that just because the worm is dangling in front of you doesnt mean you have to take it.

@chainsmokingbob, would you add a warning on playlists where it is possible to do it, so people clearly know not to do it”.

No, I actually don’t think I would. I would warn them that they had been boosting and not to do so, and I’d warn them for perhaps up to a week after they did, just to make sure they saw it.

After that, you boost again, your account is reset.

I can’t tolerate boosters. I don’t like seeing good players have their achievements devalued by boosters and I don’t have any pity for those who get reset or otherwise punished for it.

Preemptively telling people not to boost would effectively tempt them to push the limits, I imagine.

I obviously dont think as harshly about boosting as you do and I doubt we would ever agree. However I think a temp ban with a 3 strike and your out system would be better boost again and perma banned I think a complete reset is way too much.