Playlist Ranks Thoughts

Hi everyone. Just a thought I had when playing with some mates & were chatting about. Currently we know that the game will match you based on your mmr/csr to give close games. When they eventually come out with more ranked playlists, say swat & snipers. Suppose someone for arena is an onyx but come swat or snipers, struggles massively and places low low. Do you think the game will match them off of their inflated mmr/csr from dominating in one ranked playlist across the board? Or if you tanked another ranked playlist, you can transition that into your higher division ranked and play lower level competition from being dragged in other ranked playlists. Was an interesting chat I had with some friends. Was wondering others thoughts.
Cheers everyone!

MMR is different per playlist.

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Good point, I was wondering that & was hoping so. I’m definitely not the best sniper, nor swat player but onyx in the current ranked playlists. Was going to say it’ll be a rough go for me lol. Thank you for your input!