Playlist Proposal "Core"

I’ve spent the past month or so trying to figure out exactly what makes Halo fun and how, exactly, to please the two clear-cut communal constructs (casual and competitive) with one single playlist. Yes, I know, the idea that I could please these two conglomerations with just one playlist is, well, imaginative to say the least. However, bare with me and keep an entirely open mind. I present…


Core is a playlist that attempts to incorporate all the intrinsic elements of Halo with the intentions of closing that division between the two communities and making everyone happy. Simply put, Core is designed to remove all the “fluff” from Halo that just isn’t needed while still staying true to what Halo 4 is trying to do in terms of innovation and progression.

Let me first say: I am not AT ALL against the direction Halo 4 is going and how 343i is handling the franchise. However, I am not pleased with this annoying war between the two communities (WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN A PROBLEM UNTIL RECENTLY).

Now to discuss what Core is, exactly. Core is a playlist with a set of gametypes, settings, and maps that stay EXTREMELY true to Halo’s “arena shooter” position, while at the same time retaining all the cool and fun innovations 343i has introduced. I do NOT want a gametype that removes 343i’s ideas; that will just further divide the community. First let me discuss the settings.

This is where Core is very different and that’s why I’ve started with this topic. First thing’s first: armor abilities. Yes, they’ll be in Core. Yes, they’ll be different. Let’s assume armor abilities can be placed on the map as a “powerup” of sorts. This is great as each introduced armor ability has pretty specific “class based roles” (which 343i is attempting to semi-incorporate). Next, loadouts. Loadouts would be basically the same sans armor abilities. Assuming the Battle Rifle is moved to a 4SK, then each starting weapon possible is balanced, yet not virtually useless. There would be no need to search for new “jack of all trade” weapons, which is good. Movement speed and jump height and the likes would remain the same as, from what I’ve seen, it’s looked REALLY good.

Next, gametypes. Core would feature 4 sub-playlists: Doubles, 4v4, 6v6, and 8v8 Each would feature Slayer and Objective based games (tweaked to perfection, of course).

Now, most importantly, the maps. The maps would need to not suck. Each map would contain one powerup position with 2 to 3 fitting powerups. I.e., a small map would have thruster pack OR overshield both spawn in the same position at different times, taking turns each spawn. Next, maps would contain power weapons that spawn close to the center of the map. The maps would NOT have very many weapons sitting around the map since this is basically useless with first-rate starting weapons. The reason for power weapons spawning near the center is for an initial motive to push the team back and control that area.

This is an incomplete thought/idea as I’ve simply lost the motivation to continue. However, it’s important we discover a good middle ground for the community. I hope you guys are, perhaps, slightly inspired my ideas, and perhaps you guys could build off this idea? Perhaps you totally disagree with me and would do it entirely differently. Please let me know; I can never seem to type out an entire thread as I always lose the motivation. Thanks for reading, everyone.