Playlist for DLC achievements!

Okay so i went to "
[LOCKED] HALO: REACH MATCHMAKING PLAYLISTS, MAPS, AND UPDATES" through my s6 . Clicked on playlists and it just sent me to the main forum directory. Not sure if link is broken.

So there are some dlc only achievements. Ive played living dead for over 8 hours trying to get the map to earn the achievements on it. It didn’t show up once. We should either be given dlc playlist or be given the dlc achievements with no work required.

I say no because it just dilutes the population across more playlists. As all DLC maps are currently on the playlists for all games and game types they should just make all the DLC free ( it is 5 years old now) and make the playlist DLC required to force people to download them to play Reach.

I can assure you that if have a lobby of DLC owners and no one else you will get DLC maps to vote in in Living Dead, Lone Wolves, Team Slayer and BTB.

I have tried and it is an impossibility. I wish 343 would add it back. No one votes for them if they were there.

Even though I have all the achievements in Reach, I’d love a DLC playlist- mainly because I really enjoy the Noble Map Pack (Tempest, especially).

I love all the DLC maps.

Pretty annoyed that I paid for those map packs and can’t even play the game on them -_-

Yah it is annoying isn’t it? I doubt they would update it so sad for us

I’m hoping that once Reach is BC that Someone will take into account what the players want in regards to it and give us some feedback.
I get that it’s an old game and support for it is extremely limited but with it hitting the new BC list, that should pick up interest enough for someone in charge to assist the players with issues such as these.
I’m of the opinion that considering it’s age, all the DLC should be free for it, that or cost like, $1. But, the DLC should be there should the players desire it. I can’t imagine it would be that hard for someone to put together a team and make it so.

Do you know if there will be any achievements added to halo 5 with the DLC?