Playlist Consolidation and so on...

I know 343 has this covered, but I would like to give input anyway.
I feel that “Team Infinity Slayer” should be renamed “Team Slayer”.
I think “Regicide” should be removed and added into the “Rumble Pit” playlist.
And finally, I believe “Shotty Snipers” should be removed from “Team Snipers” and added to something else.
Maybe “Team Action Sack”.

I don’t want Team Infinity Slayer to be named Team Slayer, they’re both different and I don’t want people to think that Team Slayer is filled with Ordnance and other junk, that’s Infinity.

As much as I hate Regicide, it makes sense to include it into the Rumble Pit category. If this were to happen though, I’d like a really, really low weighting on it though.

I also think all of the Objective Playlists should be merged as well and CTF should have the highest weighting ratio (since its the most popular) with a good healthy mix of KOTH, Extraction and Oddball.

I agree with renaming it Team Slayer if they keep Pro in there. Not sure about Regicide since it’s played differently than normal FFA is. It’s more of an objective gametype.

I definitely don’t agree with Shotty Snipers. It doesn’t belong in Action Sack! It did NOT work in Reach because it wasn’t fun! That was one of the many gametypes in Reach’s Action Sack that was more competitive than casual. It just didn’t work. Even back in Reach, I said it needed to be added to the Snipers playlist.

  1. Have Infinity Slayer renamed Team Slayer and have 3 variants in it: Infinity Slayer, Slayer (custom loadouts, radar, and no PODs), and Slayer Pro.

  2. Have Big Team Infinity Slayer renamed Big Team Battle and have it be a mix of Slayer and Objective game types.

  3. Remove Regicide as a playlist and add those game types to Rumble Pit.

  4. Team Objectives pop is pathetic I think it needs to be changed back to 5v5 and it might be time to remove CTF as a stand alone playlist and add it to Objective.

  5. Remove Castle DLC and replace it by 2 permanent DLC playlists:
    A 5v5 “Squad DLC” playlist that uses the Majestic map pack, Harvest, Daybreak, and Forge Island maps with both Slayer
    and Objective game types.

An 8v8 “BTB DLC” playlist that uses the Crimson map pack, Castle map pack, and Forge Island maps with both Slayer and
Objective game types.