Playlist Broken Please Help

Hi folks,
I’m going to be honest and admit I’m not very good at the campaigns for Halos 1-3, and even on regular its a gargantuan effort for me. I finally decided to start the Master Chief Saga playlist, and it took me absolutely ages to finish CE. I took a break after the two short intro mission in Halo 2, and now when I come back to the playlist it will only start from mission 2 of Halo CE. Not even mission 1, mission 2. The “resume” tile even has The Armory - Halo 2 on it, but when I click resume Halo CE: Halo is the selected mission. Theres literally nothing I can find to alter this, and I really don’t wanna have to slog through all of Halo CE again before starting 2. Any help would be massively appreciated I feel like I’ve wasted a LOT of time.

I’ve had this problem too, 2 or 3 times at least. Makes me wonder if anyone has actually managed to even get the achievement.

Sorry to hear mate, but you have experienced the playlist reset bug, for certain playlist (most notably saga playlist and Laso playlists) they unexpectedly reset when you save and quit. It has happened to me three times for Halo 2 LASO. There is no workaround for the bug, you have to restart your progress. I did the saga playlist in almost one sitting. I took a break in the middle of CE somewhere, then grinded out the rest.

Aaaah poop :frowning: thanks for the info guys