Playing with friends

Looking for players to play with and have fun!

> Looking for players to play with and have fun!

You bring the beer and nibbles and I’ll supply the tunes. My address is…oh,wait…you mean play Halo…sorry…though you meant…oh, never mind…

Haha HALO son

Our clan XGC Titans is apart of a larger gaming community called Xiled Gaming. All together we have about 60k members within that including our other divisions. XGC Titans has about 100 members on its roster now but the Halo squad which was started in January has 20 members as of right now.

Xiled gaming and the Titans does run off of a rank structure and we do have an honor code as well. Simple stuff like no cheating, be respectful to other gamers etc. We do alot of our communication on our website We have our own forums where we post things such as clan/squad lists, meeting notes, general information that comes down the pipe about game night, tournaments, contests etc.

As for me I am the Captain of the Halo 4 squad and we are always looking for members that are interested in finding a good group to play with and just enjoy the game. I can get into more detail about how the clan/ squad operates, meeting nights, and if you do decide to join the read-in process as well. Send me a friend request if you are interested and one of these nights we can game and discuss the clan in more detail. Our Squad meeting nights are Wed. nights at 9pm. EST. Your more than welcome to pop in and see what were are all about.

XGC StuddMuffin
Captain XGC Titans-Crius Squad

Send me a invite on live