Playing with friends. PLEASE FIX

This may have been addressed before but i figure i would post about it. I have an issue getting into a lobby with my friends still. This is one big thing that needs to be fix. Im finding games better but i cant even get my friend into my party to search. They accept the invite or i do and nothing happens. If i click “My Lobby” sometimes it will say im in his game or he is in mine but that is not the case. Hopefully it can get fixed soon. Just wanted to bring it to 343s attention and see if anyone else has the same issue.

Don’t worry, even if you got a game you guys would get split up. I’m trying to practice for Sunday and can’t even play with my team.

The team orientated play is why I loved halo. Kind of hard to appreciate a game when my clan is 2v2 and 3 awful people on each of the teams.

Very discouraging. We took off work. We believed the update hype. We give up.

Yea I hate that it’s like pulling teeth just to get a game with a friend only to get split. I wanna play with my group not randoms. Otherwise I’d go in solo wtf

u think 343 cares? i dont. been trying to play with my friends too, but its so hard to figure out all the -Yoink- u gotta do to make it work, that the whole experience becomes… boring, meaningless, irritating. WHY do the menus suck so much? And why cant we have all the ranks yet. And why is it sooo hard to play with friends. Thats the whole point of XBL anyway. jeez

I am pretty certain it will never work as it should. This has been such a let down. Thank god they didn’t bundle a season pass with it. Throwing $60 down the garbage disposal would have been a lot less frustrating.