Playing with a low ranked friend changes enemies?

So I got a question about the matchmaking process.

For example let’s say my swat rank is Diamond 4 and my friend is Gold 2.

Is there a difference if I host or if my friend hosts to the rank of the opposite team we’re matched against?

It goes with the higher person so you’ll hit diamond or plat. But it does average it slightly so that’s where the plats come in. So example
I’m onyx in slayer my friend is gold 4. If it’s just us two we will go against onyx
Say I have 2 other friends who are gold as well. We will go against plats and golds because there are 3 golds one onyx

Although slim, it is very possible that the host’s current ranking can influence the types of players you’ll go up against.

But under most circumstances where you have a very high-ranking player in your fireteam, you will face very high-ranking players in the end.

Try experimenting with one of your buddies for the time being.