Playing Wirelessly

I’ve surprisingly never found an answer for this question. If you’re playing on a wireless connection, how does it impact your aim? I generally play on 4-2 but as of recently have noticed a lot of slow turn, heavy aim, etc. I have to move my sens/acel up 1 just for the ridicule to look similar to how it does on pro streams. I’m currently playing on
5-4 which is imo too high to be accurate. (3,4 sens average) Anyone familiar on this topic? I can’t run on a wired connection as of now so that’s not an answer. Just want to know if there may be another way to go about fixing this. Thank you

I think when they do the next update the game will run smoother for a while but aiming issues always come back.

I also found changing sensitivity helps but not the acceleration. I normally go on any thing from 4-8 sencitivity. I found what can help is halfing or doubling what ever it is then tweaking it by 0.5-2 till it’s right. It doesn’t fix it but just improves my games.

I have found my aim to some times dip down or up ward when I didn’t give the input for it. I even play with lower vertical sensitivity so it shouldn’t even be doing it like it has been. Having a lower sencitivity vertically give better control on keeping the aim level if I move to the left or right it shouldn’t be swaying up and down.

I’m about to try a new controller to see if it fixes any thing.

Can any one tell me if halving jump on my left stick could be ruining my sticks in the long run?