Playing Reach for the first time...

What did you think of it? I tried the game on Christmas day and it was arguably the best Halo game to date IMHO. Some people say that the Campaign in Reach messed up the canon, but I don’t pay much attention to these things.

I actually thought that Reach’s Campaign was the best in the series, this is my opinion, mind you.

Meh, nothing special. Halo 2 campaign is still the best in the series imo.

Played it on normal 9/14:

Loved the mission choreography and thought the characters were dynamic and fun. Lol’d at kats death, cringed at Jorge and Emile’s, wondered what was going on with carter’s, loved cortana’s cameo appearance, was wondering where mastercheif was in the campaign (I know about the easter egg now), and thought my death was heroic and noble. I didnt notice anything wrong with the last scene.

I lot of that has changed since then, reachs mission choreography is poor at best, you can run past 3/4 of the campaign on legendary and although the enemies are powerful and fun to fight, the fact that every mission has some dumb exploit where you dont have to kill the enemies is really stupid. Mastercheif and cortana made great cameos, as they are not the star of this game, and I can see all the “reclaimer trilogy stuff” in the lone wolf cutscene now.

All in all, its a good campaign

Honestly, I fell in love with it.

I loved seeing a SPARTAN-III perspective this time around, and I loved the Spartans of Noble Team and actually got attached to them for the short time I knew them for.