Playing outside the us is simply impossible! let us choose servers like mcc!

For those who play outside the USA 9/10 is more disadvantaged. I, playing from Europe, ALWAYS lose / draw all melee matches due to bad connection to servers. I often find myself with a PING that also reaches 220ms (imagine what fun on tactical slayer). Many times it also happens to me to die despite being able to take shelter in time, because of the PING!
the energy blade and the hammer for me are practically unusable because despite seeing the animation and hearing the sound of the blow it always ends up with nothing concrete
343 must give players the possibility to choose the server they want to play on (like MCC) because it doesn’t make sense to me if I connect every time to the American / Asian servers and few times to the European ones


It’s possible to easily block servers that you don’t want to play on , search on google “halo infinite how to select server”.
It seems that for some reason, 343 doesn’t want to offer the option to choose servers from inside the game
There should be a way to block servers from xbox too

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Nothing new Kedje21, in Europe (especially in the south and east) we have been like this for 20 years and it got even worse in Halo 5 with Azure servers.
The best you can hope for is to make assists and that your melee never works and that of the opposing player does.
What you see on your screen is not what is happening in the game. So when they kill you when you think you’re under cover it’s because the other player shot you a while ago. And the worst thing is that there is no solution.
We were hoping we could play multiplayer this time. But not. Maybe in “Halo 47” my great-great-grandsons will play. hahaha …


But you can safely play on european servers only, read my post above yours

Same deal here in Australia. 70% of games are between 150ms and 200ms. Region select needs to happen and fast.

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I know Sparte96, but I have not bought a console and I pay a monthly subscription to have to be fiddling with the router. Microsoft is the one who should solve that, I should only take care of having fun playing. and by the way, I’m starting to get very bored with this game and its problems.


I cannot play this game because i constantly crash ( It’s not my pc’s fault btw) so i went back to the mcc, having the option to choose server in-game is much better of course


But look what we’re talking about Sparte96 , about going back to a game that came out in 2014 because this one that came out in 2022 works much worse. is it sad or not?

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Yes it is sad. I’m not happy about infinite, but at least for me, choosing the server isn’t a problem

So until they fix it, let’s drop the game and go back to playing MCC,The joy of play is more important than the quality of the picture.

You could try and see if this fixes your problems. By directly blocking servers with bad latency you can get better ones, although you might find less games, or need to wait longer.

You can see how your ping is for different azure servers here:

Here you find some instruction on how to do that for PC and Xbox.

(or go directly to reddit)
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