playing more Halo: Reach or Halo 3?

Hey guys, I know a lot of people are excited for Halo 4 and I was wondering does this mean a lot more of you are playing Halo: Reach or even Halo 3? If I was wondering do you think I were to do some walkthroughs and stuff for one of the two on youtube? would any of you be interested in helping out by being in some the videos? would you guys watch and support or would you just ingore like you do other youtube channels. Let me know I want your honest opinions and feedback you can message me on here or on youtube:

I would play more Halo 3, since 3 comes before 4. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve done a little of both. Im about to get back into Reach after playing H3 for so long.

I’m playing more Reach, as that’s where all the fun customs are! I still play customs in Halo 3, but without the File Browser for it, it’s hard to get more gametypes and maps.

Im playing more Reach because of higher population, but I prefer Halo 3 :slight_smile: