Playing LAN w Friend, Keep Getting Kicked

Copying and pasting this from another forum because it seems like that one might be pretty dead.

Gamertags of players in match


It’s been happening every other game for the past three days.


4v4 Slayer

MCC Reach

My friend and I have been playing online matchmaking over a LAN connection for the past few days, and every other game it will kick one of us after the loading screen. It takes a long time to load and then by the time one of us gets into the game, the other is still in the loading screen. A box that says “Leaving matchmaking…” pops up, and then it says something along the lines of “Your connection to the game has been interrupted.” I haven’t seen anyone else post about this but it’s starting to get really frustrating. It shouldn’t be a problem with our internet because it’s pretty fast and stable on everything else and neither of us lag or have connection issues once we actually get in game.

I am also having this issue when my husband and I try to play. We are on PC and we share the same wifi.