Playing Gruntpocalypse in Halo 5: Guardians

In this dream I had. All Grunts. All the time. Aim for the head.

Ahh… I so miss Gruntpocalypse in Reach.

Just me, my DMR, a couple of grenades, and no questions asked.

Do it 343!

I would not be sad in the slightest if this was added… DMR, Grenades, AND… Now ground pound.

Unfortunately, as far we know FF isnt in H5G, let alone Gruntpocalypse.

Maybe some day…

OP, 343i has said no to Firefight in Halo 5.

I miss Gruntpocalypse so much!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!

Could be a fun Warzone variant. Probably not too hard to implement. Grunts spawn in neutral area, which team can kill 150 first kind of thing. I could see it happening.

Hope Firefight will be added as post-launch dlc!